Carnevale Hockey Group Tournament: 6ix Hockey 26:2 Bulldogs – August 16th, 2020

Aug 16, 2020 7:30pm EDT
Scotiabank Pond – Rink 4

Junior Hockey brought more action today as the 6ix Hockey clashed with the Bulldogs as part of the Carnevale Hockey Group Tournament ’05.
The 6ix Hockey headed into this game after a 10-7 win in their game against the Prodigy Purple
And on the other side, the Bulldogs lost 15-8 in the game against the Warriors.

1st Period of the Game(1st Game)
The 6ixers headed into this game after a dominant win in the game against the Prodigy Purples. The team looked confident and they opened the scored through Dylan Edwards. Shortly after, Ethan Schmidt made it 2-0 for the 6ixers after a swift counter-attack. However, their opponents pushed back and scored one for a score of 2-1. Yet, that was just a small step back for the 6ix Hockey side as the Flyers forward Dylan Edwards made it 3-1. After the 3rd goal, the 6ixers were in firm control as they scored two goals through Oshawa forward Aidan Carolan and Mississauga Reps Alex Hebblethwaite.

The 6ixers did not stop here as their domination continued. They had better control of the puck and their play on the blue line was top class. That good play was rewarded as Dylan Edwards managed to score three more goals to make it 8-1. Ethan Schmidt scored the 9th goal as the 1st swept away the Bulldogs with a score of 9-1.

2nd Period of the Game (2nd Game)
For the 2nd game, the 6ix Hockey started with a different roster. But it was evident that the winning momentum was present among these young promising players. However, Edwards was still on the ice and continued with his riot as he scored in the 3rd minute of the 2nd game. And right after the restart, Matthew Mazzotta made it 11-1.

The 6ixers were dominating the ice and looked clinical in front of goal. Also, their opponents tried to play on but the 6ix Hockey side was also effective on the counter-attack. In one of those situations, Zain Milne took advantage and kept his composure as he scored from a tap-in position. Also, three minutes later Nick Lardis scored another goal after a one on one situation with the opposing goaltender.
The 6ixers were now in firm control and Don Mills Flyers forward Edwards scored another goal after a great solo effort. Matthew Mazzotta and Dylan Edwards scored the next two goals as the 6ixers increased their lead to 16-1.
Yet, they did not stop here with their gong-show as they scored 6 more goals until the end of the game. Therefore, they deserved to win this game.


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