Carnevale Hockey Group Tournament: 6ix Hockey 6:5 Warriors – August 24th, 2020

Carnevale Hockey Group Tournament: 6ix Hockey 6:5 Warriors
August 24th, 2020, 07:15 PM
Scotiabank Pond  Rink 1

Junior hockey brought more action as the 6ix Hockey team faced the Warriors team as part of the Carnevale Hockey Group Tournament. This game was played at the Scotiabank Pond  Rink 1.


6ix Hockey Review

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Both teams started this game with a high level of caution and tactical discipline. That was the case in the first 10 minutes of the game. However, both teams slowly managed to change their focus on the offensive side of the game. And it was the Warriors that opened the score in the 10th minute. The 6ixers responded through Nick Lardis as the Oakville forward scored from a close range.

The Warriors responded with two goals one minute later for a 3-1. Nevertheless, the 6ixers looked determined to get back into the game right away. Therefore, their transition game improved and they looked stable at the blue line. Additionally, they started to use the counter-attack and Ritchie managed to score. Schmidt and Lardis followed as the duo scored in the last two minutes of the 1st period of the game. Therefore, the 6ixers went to the break leading the game 4-3.

2nd Period of the Game

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In the 2nd period of the game, the 6ixers once again were the better team. They controlled the game and had good chances to score. It took some time but Edwards managed to score for a 5-3. Right after the restart, the 6ix hockey team was once again on the offensive and Lamanna scored from a tap in situation. The 6ixers were now in a pole position to win this game. However, they faced pressure in the final minutes of the game. Anc conceded two goals. Yet, they managed to show resilience, talent and character as the team hold on to their lead and sealed a well deserved 6-5 win in the end.


Final Thoughts
This was a well-deserved win for the 6ix Hockey team. They managed to score and the crucial periods of the game and looked sharper on the blue line. And great tactical discipline in the final moments as they sealed the win.
Overall, it was a good performance.

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