Carnevale Hockey Group Tournament: 6ix Hockey 6:8 Toronto Knights – August 23rd, 2020


August 23rd, 2020, 4:00 PM
Scotiabank Pond  Rink 4

Junior hockey brought more excitement as the 6ix Hockey faced the Toronto Knights at the Scotiabank Pondo 4.
The Toronto Knights headed into this game after a 8-4 win over the Vikings. And on the other side, the 6ixers lost 6-9 in the game against the Knights.

6ix Hockey Review

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The 6ixers did not have a good start in this game. During the first 10 minutes of the first period, they conceded 3 goals. However, the 6ixers are a team with great character, talent and determination. And they did not give up as defencemen Marelli scored a goal from long range to get the team back into the game. Yet, three minutes later, goaltender Jayden Tang had to take the puck out of his net, even though the Don Mills athlete made some outstanding saves.
Then Yoni Riabinski took control of the puck and scored with a great solo effort on the right side. By the end of the first period, the 6ixers conceded another goal and scored one more through Kristian Lamanna. Therefore, the Knights went to the break with 5-3 lead.

2nd Period of the Game
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The 2nd period of the game saw the 6ixers being under pressure from the Knights. But the 6ix Hockey team looked solid in the first 10 minutes of the 2nd period. Kings forward Supino was making some dangerous runs and bluelinesmen Andrew Lanni played a crucial role at the blue line.
However, the Knights slowly took control of the game and managed to score 3 goals. But being 7-3 did not manage to distract the 6ixers as they continued with their dedicated offensive game. And the results were there to be seen as Andrew Lanni scored after a swift counter-attack in the 35th minute of the 2nd period. Alex Hebblethwaite scored the 5th goal from close range and Andrew Lanni scored in the last minute for a final result of 6-8.

Final Thoughts
This was an interesting game as both teams went for the win. However, the 6ixers will feel unlucky that they were not able to capitalize on their chances. They dropped their pace at certain moments and that resulted with conceding goals. On a positive side, their offensive side of the game was looking solid. Not many teams in this tournament managed to score 6 goals against the Knights.

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