Carnevale Hockey Group Tournament: 6ix Hockey 7:10 Prodigy Purple – August 10th, 2020


Aug 10, 2020 at 9:15pm
Scotiabank Pond – Rink 2
6ix Hockey Team

Junior Hockey brought more action today as the 6ix Hockey clashed with the Prodigy Purple as part of the Carnevale Hockey Group Tournament ’05.
The 6ix Hockey headed into this game after a 7-3 win in their game against the CHE Blue.
And on the other side, the Prodigy Purple won 11-6 in the game against the Toronto Knights.
The 6ix Hockey team was led by coach Ken Hornick which is also the head scout for the London Knights. And on the other side, London Knights scout Jay De Gennaro was in charge of the Prodigy Purple.

6ix Hockey Review

1st Period of the Game

The 6ix Hockey team started this game with the winning momentum on their side. And that was there to be seen as the 6ix Hockey team opened the score through Vaughan Kings forward Luciano Supino. However, their lead did not last for long as they conceded a goal 2 minutes later. Right after the restart, the 6ix Hockey team conceded another goal as goaltender Martel was unable to stop the puck. But the 6ix Hockey team did not give up and pushed with more determination.  Therefore, they scored another goal for 2-2 through forward Aidan Carolan. And when they expected to take the initiative, the team conceded 2 goals. Yet, they bounce back again as 6ix Hockey scored 3 goals through  Adams, Mackenzie and Nicholas Hambly. The 6ix Hockey team was the better team in the first period and deserved the 5-4 lead.

2nd Period of the Game

In the 2nd period of the game, the 6ixers continued with their offensive play but with an almost completely different starting line up. Luciano Supino once again proved his goalscoring instinct as the Vaughan Kings forward made it 6-4. But they were not able to maintain the tempo as their opponents scored two goals to tie the game. However, the Don Mills Flyers forward Dylan Edwards was a dominant figure in the middle of the barn and scored through a well-placed shot for a 7-6 lead. A team celly followed, but the 6ix Hockey team were not able to maintain that lead as they conceded 4 goals for a final result of 10-7.

Prodigy Purple Review

1st Period of the Game
The Prodigy Purple team did not start this game as they expected. Moreover, they conceded an early goal but they were able to equalize a few minutes later through Marlies forward Taeo Artichuk . That goal had a galvanizing effect on them and Vaughan Kings forward Giacomo Martino scored a great goal for a 2-1 lead. A quick goal turnaround occurred and the Prodigy Purple team ended with a 4-2 lead. However, their defensive line was not up the task as they conceded 4 goals. They trailed 5-4 at the break.

2nd Period of the Game
Colby Barlow was one of the best players on the ice and the talisman forward scored a great goal for a 6-5. It was an open play at that point of the game and Barlow was among the scorers again.
The Prodigy Purple dominated the final part of the game and scored 4 goals for a final result of 11-7. Mississauga Senators forward Cameron Briere scored three goals and showed his potential in the final period. The talented forward was the key player with his top-class all-round performances.

Final Thoughts
All in all, this was a gong-show type of a game. Both teams went for the team and both sides showed that they have quality. The first period of the game showed that the 6ix Hockey team was up to the task and they were the better team. However, the Prodigy Purple were the better finishers in the final minutes of the game. Therefore, their strong offensive game enabled them to win this game against a very strong and determined 6ix Hockey Team.


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