Carnevale Hockey Group Tournament: 6ix Hockey 8:9 Prodigy Gold – August 17th, 2020


Carnevale Hockey Group Tournament: 6ix Hockey 8:9 Prodigy Gold
August 17th, 2020, 09:15 PM
Scotiabank Pond  Rink 2

Junior Hockey brought more action today as the 6ix Hockey faced their next opponent, the Prodigy Gold as part of the Carnevale Hockey Group Tournament ’05.
The 6ix Hockey headed into this game after a commanding win of 26-2 in their game against the Prodigy Purple.
And on the other side, the Prodigy Gold also played their last game against CHE White and won with a score of 19-3.  The 6ix Hockey team was led by coach Ken Hornick which is also the head scout for the London Knights

6ix Hockey Review

1st Period of the Game

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.pngYet, after those two goals, their opponents consolidated and took control of the puck. Therefore, the 6ixers faced more pressure on the blue line. During that period, they conceded three goals. At this point, the 6ix Hockey side were behind 3-2, but they slowly started to gain an offensive momentum again. Finally, in the 26th minute, Eithan Schmidt assisted Aidan Carolan who placed the puck in the net of Prodigy Gold.

Nevertheless, the team conceded a goal in the last minute of the first period for a final result of 4-3. The 6ixers played an entertaining offensive game during the first period of the game.
The 6ixers headed into this game after a great win in the game against Che White. The 6ix Hockey team managed to score 26 goals in that game. A real gong-show. However, they were about to face a lot more determined team in this game. Yet that did not stop them to continue with their free-scoring game plan. It was Akimov that opened the score in the 2nd minute after an assist from Ethan Schmidt. And it did not take them long to double their lead as Ethan Schmidt made it 2-0 for the 6ixers.

2nd Period of the Game

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In the second period of the game, the 6ix Hockey team started the game in a more cautious way. However, they were slowly gaining their offensive momentum again. It was Richie that equalized to 4-4 with a precise shot after a swift 6ixers counter-attack. But a minute later, they conceded another goal. Goaltender Tang could have not done anything as their opponents had a clear “tap in situation”. But in this 2nd period, Luciano Supino was back on the ice and the Kings forward managed to score after a save from the opposing goaltender. Supino was once again the dominant figure on the ice as he assisted Edwards right after the restart and the Flyers forward made it 6-5 for the 6ix Hockey.

Yet, the 6ixers were not able to maintain that lead for long despite the good saves from Tang. They conceded 3 goals in a row and trailed 6-8 with 8 minutes left until the end.
But once again, Supino managed to light the lamp twice in a period of 3 minutes.
His first goal was a top-class cheese goal and the opposing goaltender did not have any chance saving that shot. While the 2nd was a clinical finish from close range. And when it looked like that both teams will share the spoils from this game, the 6ixers conceded a goal in the last minute of the game. The 6ix Hockey team was unlucky to lose this game, especially because they had a great scoring chance in the last 30 seconds of the game.

Final Thoughts
This was one of the most exciting games so far during this tournament. Both teams played well and their offensive game was impressive. Although, the impression is that the 6ixers probably feel unlucky as they missed a great chance in the final moments of the game. Nevertheless, the team showed a great character, talent and determination.

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