Carnevale Hockey Group Tournament: Toronto Knights 9:7 6ix Hockey

Carnevale Hockey Group Tournament: Toronto Knights 9:7 6ix Hockey 
August 31st, 2020, 09:00 PM
Scotiabank Pond  Rink 1

The CHG tournament was back on the schedule as the 6ix Hockey Team faced the Toronto Knights. The 6ixers lost the first game between the two sides in this tournament.


6ix Hockey Review

1st Period of the Game

The 6ixers headed into this game with a chance to bounce back as they lost the first game with the Knights. However, it it was the Toronto Knights that dominated in the early stages of the first period of the game. The Knights opened the score with a goal in the 3rd minute. After the conceded goal, the 6ixers stepped up their game and came close to score on a few occasions.

However, it took them 10 minutes to light the lamp. Luca Marrelli was the scorer after a powerful shot from the right side. A short team celly followed, but their joy was shortlived as the 6ixers conceded a goal a minute later. The Knights were the better team in the first period and scored 4 more goals. Therefore, the 6ixers were trailing 6-1 at the break. Goaltender Martel was solid between the pipes, even though the team conceded 6 goals.


2nd Period of the Game

In the 2nd period of the game, the 6ix Hockey side had a great start. They looked sharper in the final third and comfortable at the blue line. Therefore, they managed to score 2 goals in the first 5 minutes of the game. Luca Marrelli scored a great cheese goal that looked like top class. Kristian Lamanna scored the 2nd after the Flyers forward stole the puck and got himself in one on one situation.

The Knights quickly responded with 2 goals in 10 minutes for 8-3.
That did not change the offensive approach of the 6ixers as they took control of the game. Forward Yoni Riabinski scored with a precise shot in the 30th minute of the 2nd period. Right after the restart, Dylan Edwards scored another great cheese goal in the top right corner.

The 6ixers were in firm control and that resulted in 2 more goals by defencemen Lamanna. The first was a solo effort as the Don Mills athlete stole the puck and scored after a solo effort counter-attack. As for the 2nd goal, it was a great cheese goal, which was the 3rd top corner goal for the 6ixers in this game. The last-minute of the game saw great drama as the 6ixers through everything forward. They were 7-8 behind and needed a goal. But were caught on the break and conceded a goal in the final seconds of the game. They were really unlucky to lose this game 9-7.

Final Thoughts
The 6ixers and the Knights played a really competitive and interesting game. Both teams went for it and both sides deserved something from this game. But, it was the 6ixers missed a little bit of better luck. They played some good hockey and surely there is more to come from them.

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