Carnevale Hockey Group Exhibition Series: Mavericks 2:3 6ix Hockey


Carnevale Hockey Fall Exhibition Series: Mavericks 2:3 6ix Hockey 
Sep 8, 2020, 7:00pm
Scotiabank Pond  Rink 2
The Exhibition Hockey Series brought more action as the 6ix Hockey team clashed with the Mavericks at the Scotiabank Pond – Rink 2.

The 6ix Hockey Review
The 6ixers headed into this game after a 6-2 defeat in their last game against the 9. Score. The team started this game with a high level of determination to bounce back from the last defeat. However, they were surprised early on as the Mavericks opened the score in the 6th minute of the game. That early conceded goal did not seem to affect the 6ixers as three minutes later, they managed to tie the game through  Jack Pridham as the forward placed the puck in the back of the net from close range.
The 6ixers dominated the game after the scored goal. But they were not able to materialize those efforts as the 1st period ended 1-1.

In the 2nd period of the game, the 6ixers had to defend in the early minutes. But their defensive line remained solid and compact. That stability at the blue line enables the 6ixers to focus on their offensive game. And it did not take them long to take the lead as GTHL forward Dylan Edwards scored a very intelligent goal.
After the 2nd goal, the 6ix Hockey dominated the game. Goaltender Martel dealt with every single shot and Declan Macdougall made it 3-1 through a long-range shot. Three minutes later, the 6ixers conceded the 2nd goal of the game but they still managed to hold on their lead and to win the game 3-2.

Mavericks Review
The Mavericks had a strong start in this game as the scored early on through Graydon Guthrie. But that early pressure did not last long as they conceded an equalizer in the 9th minute. Two minutes later, the Mavericks conceded another goal and trailed 2-1 at the break.

After the restart, the Mavericks were not able to break down the 6ixers, despite their great efforts. They conceded another goal in the 8th minute of the 2nd period. However, this Mavericks team showed a high level of determination and offensive creativity. Brock Muise was one of their best player as the young talent controlled the puck well. His transitioning was also great and that resulted with him making an assist for Jaden Richardson as the later scored to make it 2-3. That goal had a galvanizing effect on the Mavericks as they pushed to equalized. However, they were not able to break down the determined 6ixers.

Final Thoughts
The 6ixers deserved to win this game as they were consistent throughout the game. They faced a strong Mavericks team and showed that they have great potential. Once again, it was Dylan Edwards that showed great maturity and potential. Therefore, it is safe to say that there is more to come from him.

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