GTHL Game Review – Mississauga Reps 0:2 Toronto Titans – AAA Bantam 05’


09-Oct-2019 Wednesday

The GTHL was back in action as the Mississauga Reps clashed with the Toronto Titans at the Westwood 1 Arena.
The Reps headed into this game after a 3-0 win in their last G game against the Kings. And on the other side, the Titans secured a 4-2 in the game against the Senators.

Mississauga Reps Review
The Reps are one of the teams that have great potential. Also, they showed determination in the early minutes and forward Campbell had two good scoring chances. However, during the first period of the game, the Reps were not able to break the deadlock. On a positive note, their defence looked strong and solid. Daniyal Batrkhanov and William Bray had a commanding presence at the blue line.

In the 2nd period of the game, the Reps maintained their good play. Moreover, Noah Vettese made a notable yard sale tackle that prompted a counter-attack but Alexander Hebblethwaite was not able to place the puck in the back of the net. Additionally, Oliver Savard long-range shot almost went inside the net but goaltender Monaco managed to clear it. However, they were also facing pressure as the offensive game of the Titans gained momentum. Therefore, the Reps conceded a goal in the 11th minute of the 2nd period. They ended the first period with 4 shots on goal.

In the final period of the game, the Reps were not able to push as their opponents controlled the puck. Moreover, they conceded a goal in the 4th minute of the third period. But goaltender Monaco made some outstanding saves to keep the Titans at bay. The Reps conceded the 2nd goal in the 4th minute of the 3rd period of the game. After the conceded goal, the Reps threw more bodies going forward. Yet, that was not enough as the Reps were not able to come back and lost the game 2-0.

Toronto Titans Review
The Titans started this game with the aim of scoring a quick goal. However, they faced a stubborn Reps defence and they had to work hard in order to create chances. Commanding defencemen Brendan Gillmore played well and had some notable tackles. Also, they came close to score but were not able to get the biscuit behind goaltender Monaco.

In the 2nd period of the game, the Titans ramped their offensive efforts. Although their opponents were strong at the blueline, the Titans were up for battle. Lazaris transitional movements were second to none and Terrance was really close to scoring. However, it was Gillmore that opened the score with a clinical finish in the 11th minute.

In the 3rd period of the game, the Titans were in control. Their defence was dominating at the blue line and their offensive side of the game was creating chances. They managed to score the 2nd goal in the 4th minute of the game and sealed the win. Also, goaltender Kowatsch made some remarkable saves which summed up the great team performance of the Titans.

Final Thought
Overall, both teams went for the win. The Reps were not clinical enough in front of goal and the Titans took advantage of that. They were the more composed team and deserved to win this game.

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