GTHL Game Review – Mississauga Reps 3:2 North York Rangers – AAA Bantam 05’

Mississauga Reps

The GTHL was back on the schedule as the Mississauga Reps clashed with the North York Rangers.
The Reps headed into this game after a 4-1 loss in their last G against the Marlboros. And on the other side, the Rangers had an entertaining game with the Flyers that ended 2-2.

Mississauga Reps Review
The Reps started this game with strong determination and dominance in the first minutes of the first period. Moreover, they played some really good hockey with Levin and Campbell being the spearheads of their offensive game. Giles also caused a lot of problems to the opposing goaltender with his precise shots. However, it was Markevych that opened the score from close range after an error from the opposing goaltender.
The Reps played better in the first period and deserved to be 1-0 ahead.

In the 2nd period of the game, the Reps lost their momentum as the opponents stepped up in the game. The puck remained contested and the Mississauga’s defence defended deeper. Defencemen Tucker Mcconnell-Fritz had a commanding presence at the back and managed to score through a long-range shot. Yet, the Reps were not able to maintain that lead as the Rangers pulled one back before the break.

In the final period of the game, the Reps faced constant pressure. But they played tactically outstanding as they managed to take advantage of that all-in offensive game of the Rangers, to score the 3rd goal. It was Mike Levin that was at the right place and the right time as the biscuit bounced off his body to end up in the Rangers net. In the final minutes of the game, the Mississauga side focused on maintaining the lead. They did concede in the last minute of the game but kept their calm in the final second to secure the win.

North York Rangers Review
The Rangers did not have a good start in this game. But they did not play bad either. James Ramani and Phillipe Stroganov caused some troubles to the opposing defence. However, the Rangers conceded an early goal and only managed to score 3 shots on goal in the 1st period.

In the 2nd period of the game, the Rangers stepped up their game. They had some period of domination and slowly they were building their confidence. Yet, they conceded another goal from long range. Nevertheless, the Rangers played well and scored in the 8th minute. Aiden Hierlihy had a great composure as he was one on one with the opposing goaltender. The Rangers were back in the game.

In the final period of the game, the Rangers throw everything on the table in their quest to score. They played well, dominated the middle of the ice, they controlled the puck and their defencemens had some dangerous long-range shots. That strategy paid off as Aiden Hierlihy managed to score with 50 seconds left. But that goal came too late and the Rangers were unlucky to suffer a 3-2 defeat.

Final Thought
Overall, this was a great game to watch for the neutral fans. The Reps were better tactically and outplayed the Rangers at the crucial periods of the game. On the other side, the Rangers will feel unlucky as they deserved something out of this game.

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