GTHL Game Review: Mississauga Reps 4:7 Toronto Jr. Canadiens – AAA Bantam 05’


06-Nov-2019 Wed 09:25 PM Westwood 1
The GTHL was back in action as the Missisauga Reps clashed with the Toronto Jr. Canadiens at the Westwood 1 Arena. The Reps headed into this game after a 5-1 win in the game against the Rangers. And on the other side, the Jr. Canadiens won 6-2 in the game against the Red Wings.

Mississauga Reps Review
The Reps started this game well as they opened the score in the 1st minute of the game. Ben Lalkin was efficient as he took advantage of the defensive error by their opponents. The Reps managed to keep their pace in the game. Also, goaltender Monaco managed to make some key saves during the 1st period of the game.

In the 2nd period of the game, the Reps kept their momentum from the 1st period. Moreover, they managed to score another goal after a swift counter-attack. Campbell was the scorer after a one on one with the opposing goaltender.
However, they were not able to maintain that lead as Jr. Canadiens pulled one back in the 3rd minute.
Shortly after, the Reps conceded another goal.
The Reps scored another goal through Lalkin to make it 3-2. Yet, the Mississauga team conceded another goal for a 3-3 score at the end of the 2nd period.

In the finale period of the game, the Reps conceded a goal in the first minute. Also, they conceded 3 more goals and managed to score only one. The Reps suffered from fatigue and their opponents took advantage of that. Their defensive game was not at the needed level. Therefore, they suffered a convincing defeat in the final period of the game.

Toronto Jr. Canadiens Review
The Jr. Canadiens had a slow start in this game. They conceded the goal in the first minute of the game. Also, they were not tactically convincing during the first period of the game. Their transitional game was at the needed level. But their game in their final third and their finishing was slow and ineffective.

In the 2nd period of the game, the Canadiens conceded another goal in the first minutes. But, it seemed that the 2nd conceded goal in the game had a galvanizing effect on their morale. The Toronto side looked more determined and in the 3rd minute, McNamara pulled one back. And it did not take long for the 2nd goal as Doyle scored from close range to make it 2-2.
And while the Canadiens expected to take the lead, they were caught on the counter a conceded the third goal in the game. Yet, the team showed a lot of character and scored another goal instantly for a 3-3 score at the end of the 2nd period.

In the final period of the game, the Jr. Canadiens looked determined to win. They looked solid in the final third and were dominant in the one on one situations. Also, the Toronto side managed to capitalize off the fact that the Reps suffered from fatigue. Therefore, they managed to score 4 goals and conceded only 1 for a final score of 7-4. Carson Rehkopf and Anthony Romani scored 2 of the goals and where the main players for the Jr. Canadiens.

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