GTHL Game Review: Mississauga Reps 7:1 Mississauga Senators – AAA Bantam 05’


23-Oct-2019 Wed 09:25 PM Westwood 1
The GTHL was back in action as the Mississauga Reps clashed with the Mississauga Senators. The Reps headed into this game after a 6-2 win in their last game against the Rebels. And on the other side, the Senators suffered a 4-1 defeat in the game against the Rangers.

Mississauga Reps Review
The Reps headed into this game after a dominant performance in their last G game against their local rivals, the Rebels. And that winning momentum was there to be seen as the Reps opened the score in the 2nd minute of the game. Defenceman Mcconnell-Fritz took a bullet-style long shot that resulted in with an impressive cheese goal.
Also, Campbell and Christie combined well and that resulted with another goal by Christie in the 6th minute. Furthermore, the Reps scored the third goal through Oliver Savard. Therefore, they ended the first period of the game with a stable 3-0 lead.

In the 2nd period of the game, the Reps were in firm control. Moreover, their defence was strong and their forwards caused significant problems for the opposing defence. And it did not take long for the Reps to increase their lead as flamboyant forward Ivan Fabjan scored a great goal. Also, Ben Lalkin managed to score an outstanding goal from a dead angle. Then, the Campbell – Christie duo came to prominence as their combination resulted in Christie scoring the 6th goal for the Reps. The Reps dropped their pace in the final minutes of the 2nd period and therefore conceded a goal.

In the final period of the game, the Mississauga based team was focused on closing down the game. Their opponents tried to put more pressure going forward. But that did not cause any significant problems for the Reps.
In the end, the Reps scored another goal which confirmed their routine 7-1 win over their local rivals.

Mississauga Senators Review
The Senators did not have a good start in this game. Moreover, they were behind already as they conceded in the 2nd minute of the game. Also, they could not cope with the Reps’ strong offensive players. So, they conceded three goals in the first period of the game. However, on a positive note, Cohen looked solid in the middle of the ice. He also managed to steal the puck on numerous occasions, but a proper finishing was missing in the Sens side.

In the 2nd period of the game, the Senators were not able to impose their tempo. On the contrary, they had to defend more. But they were unable to withstand the pressure from the Reps and conceded three consecutive goal.
On a positive note, the Senators scored a goal which improved their self-confidence.

In the final period of the game, the Senators suffered from fatigue. But they still pushed to get back into the game. Yet, their offensive players were not able to break the defence of their opponents. Then conceded another goal on the counter-attack which sealed their defeat in this game.

Final Thought
Overall, the Reps looked like the better team in this game. They played better, their defence was in commanding form and their offensive players were clinical upfront. Therefore, they deserved the win. As for the Senators, it is important to emphasize that they showed glimpses of quality. However, that was not enough in a game against opponents like the Reps.


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