GTHL Game Review –Toronto Jr. Canadiens 3:1 Markham Majors – AAA Bantam 05’



The GTHL opening day saw the Toronto Jr. Canadiens facing their rivals, the Markham Majors.
The Jr. Canadiens headed into this game with a very talented squad. Also, they had high ambitions and this game was about to show their potential this season. On the other side, the Majors are a team that can beat any side on their day. They were the underdog in this game but still felt that they have a chance for a win.

Toronto Jr. Canadiens Reviewcanadiens
The Jr. Canadiens started this game in a dominant way. And it did not take long as Carson Rehkof scored the opener from a close range. However, Jr. Canadiens did not stop here. On the contrary, the Toronto based team started to attack even more and Luke McNamara scored a stunner to make it 2-0 for the Jr. Canadiens.
Also, they had the in-form Bruno between the sticks with 4 saves in the early part of the first period. They Jr. Canadiens were strong and determined. Yet, they were not able to maintain that tempo and conceded a goal in the last seconds of the first period.

In the 2nd period, there was a real battle between the two sides. Romani played well and came close on a couple of occasions. However, it was goaltender Bruno that made some crucial saves to keep the team in the game. At that point, the Majors were the better team on the ice. Nevertheless, the Canadiens are a top-class side and managed to score the 3rd goal through Anthony Romani. The flamboyant forward led a counter-attack which showed the tactical readiness of the team.

In the final period of the game, the Jr. Canadiens routinely finished the game with total control of the game. The Toronto side had better control of the biscuit. Simply said, were the better team and the win was more than deserved.

Markham Majors Review
The Majors did not have a good start of the game as they conceded 2 goals in the early stages of the 1st period.
Goaltender Quizi was the brightest star in the team as he made some key saves to prevent a gong-show early in the game. Arthur Lee also played well and his transitional movements were good. At this point, the Markham side started to mount pressure on the Jr. Canadiens. The better control of the puck resulted in a goal for the Majors in the last seconds of the first period. Taeo Arthichuk scored with a clinical finish from close range.

In the 2nd period of the game, the Majors played better at the start. Also, Logan Durno came close to score but was denied but the opposing goaltender. Yet, the Majors dropped their pace and the Jr. Canadiens scored the 3rd goal in the game.
The final part of the game, the Majors tried to attack more. However, their attempts were denied by the strong Canadiens defence. Therefore, they were not able to get back into the game.

Final Thought
All in all, Jr. Canadiens played better and deserved to win. They were stable at the back and efficient upfront.
Surely, they are one of the best in the GTHL. As for the Majors, they showed that they have potential. But that was not enough to get something out of this game.



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