GTHL Game Review – Toronto Marlboros 3:3 Toronto Young Nationals – AAA Bantam 05’

Toronto Marlboros

11-Oct-2019 Friday

The GTHL was back on the schedule as the Toronto Marlboros played against the Toronto Young Nationals. The Marlboros headed into this game after a solid 4-1 win in the game against the Rebels. And on the other side, the Nationals won 3-0 in the game against the Red Wings.

Toronto Marlboros ReviewMarlboros
The Marlboros headed into this game as the only undefeated team in the GTHL. They started the game as the favourites. Therefore, the started to put pressure on the Nationals early on as Barlow looked dominant in front of goal. Also, Francesco Dell’Elce had a commanding presence at the back and his tackling was up to the needed level. The biggest chance for the Marlboros came through Giorgi but his shot went straight to the chest of goaltender Rivett.

In the 2nd period of the game, the Marlboros continued to play well, but so their opponents. Therefore, they managed to score through Angus MacDonell. However, that did not last long as they conceded a goal in the 4th minute. Also, the Marlboros faced more pressure and goaltender Constanzo made 2 decent saves. Yet, they conceded the 2nd goal in the 13th minute. And as everyone expected the 2nd period to end at 2-1, defencemen Alexander Stephen scored in the last second of the 2nd period to make it 2-2 at the break.

In the final period of the game, the Marlboros aimed at taking the lead in the first few minutes. McDonald, McDonell and Christopher Grisolia combined well in the final third but were unlucky as the Nationals scored the 3rd goal of the game. Chase Coughlan managed to place the biscuit in the net but his goal was disallowed. However, the Marlboros seemed determined and pushed for the equalizer. That pressure paid off as their talismanic forward managed to score in the last minute of the game to continue their undefeated run.

Toronto Young Nationals Review
The Nationals looked ready for battle from the first minute of this game. Moreover, Sousa and McLean showed their quality as their transitional movements created a lot of problems for the Marlboros. Goaltender Rivett also made some saves in the first period of the game.

In the 2nd period of the game, the Nationals conceded a goal, but also scored a goal in the 4th minute of the game through forward Sousa. Also, Kustec had some good runs and two solid tackles. Andonovski was their defensive rock as the kept the Marlboros at bay every time he was on the ice. That solid play at the back gave the Nationals the foundation to attack more. Therefore, they managed to take the lead through Ibotson in the 13th minute of the game. A great team celly followed, but that did not last long as the Nationals conceded a goal in the last minute of the 2nd period.

In the final period of the game, the Nationals once again started better. Moreover, their commanding bluelinesmen Andonovski was dominating at the back. Also, the defencemen was dangerous with his long-range shots. The result of his efforts was there to be seen as the talented athlete managed to score from long range in the 9th minute of the 3rd period. The Nationals focused on defending but were not able to prevail as they conceded a goal in the last minute of the game.

Final Thought
This was a classic GTHL game in which both teams played in a positive way. The game could have gone either way, but the draw seems a fair result for both teams. All in all, it was a great game to watch.

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