GTHL Game Review: Toronto Titans 7:0 Don Mills Flyers – AAA Bantam 05’

Don Mills Flyers

12-Oct-2019 Saturday 02:40 PM

The GTHL was back on the schedule as the Toronto Titans clashed with the Don Mills Flyers. The Titans headed into this game after a 2-0 win in the game against the Reps. And on the other side, the Flyers suffered a 1-4 defeat in the game against the Majors.

Toronto Titans Review
The Titans are one of the best teams in the GTHL. They showed that at the start of the game and as they took a 1-0 lead in the 5th minute. Moreover, they kept attacking and Robinson missed a great chance to make it 2-0. But the talented athlete was one of the best players on the ice. Terrance also had a significant presence as his transitional runs looked top class.

In the 2nd period of the game, the Titans took complete control of the game. Moreover, the Titans doubled their lead at the start after a quick counter-attack. A notable presence at the back was commanding defenceman Petrovski. He was also the key players that helped in the 3rd goal for the Titans. Terrance took advantage of Petrovski great tackles and scored a classic cheese goal. Closely after the third goal, Brooks managed to capitalize on the Flyers defensive mistake and scored the 4th goal of the game.

In the final period of the game, the Titans were in complete control. Their defence was solid and goaltender Kowatch was safe hands at the net. The Titans scored the 6th goal and they sealed the win through Robinson for a final score of 7-0.

Don Mills Flyers Review
The Flyers did not have a good start in this game. Also, they are not having a good season so far. Moreover, they conceded an early goal in the first period of the game. However, they improved their game during the first period. Christopher Li made two solid yard sale tackles and goaltender Tang made a few key saves. Also, defenceman Jessome had a good chance to score, but his long shot was saved. He also looked like the plumber in the team during the first period of the game. The Flyers ended the first 15 minutes with 4 shots on goal.

In the 2nd period of the game, Flyers had to defend deep as their opponents took control of the game. However, they were not able to withstand that pressure and conceded 4 goals in the second 15 minutes. On a positive note, bluelinesman was active and tried his best. The talented athlete played well but was not able to prevent the riot of the Titans. Therefore, the Flyers ended the 2nd period losing 5:0.

In the final period of the game, the Flyers were not able to get back into this game. Their pace dropped and they conceded two more goals for a final score of 7-0. Goaltender Tang made some notable saves which prevented the Titans from adding more goals in the Flyers net.

Final Thought
Overall, the Titans played well in this game. They deserved to win this game as their offensive game was top class. And their defensive players managed to keep the Flyers at bay throughout the game. All in all, it was a routine win for the Toronto Titans.

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