GTHL Game Review –Toronto Young Nationals 1-2 Mississauga Rebels – AAA Bantam 05


The GTHL Gameweek 2 saw a very exciting game as the Toronto Young Nationals clashed with the Mississauga Rebels. The Nationals headed into this game after a solid 3-0 win in the season opener against the Senators. And on the other side, the Rebels won 4-1 against the Rangers in their first game of the season.

Toronto Young Nationals ReviewNationals
The Nationals were yet to concede this season. And they seemed determined to keep it that way. Goaltender Rivett was solid at the net and saved two close-range shots. However, that early solidarity and determination dropped a little bit and that resulted with the Nationals conceding. After the conceded goal, the Toronto side stepped up again with Bullock coming close to score. Also, Symons played well and had good control on the puck. Their opponents also were up for the challenge. So the first period ended a hard-fought battle between the sides.  However, the Nationals were not able to score. 

In the 2nd period of the game, the Nationals went out with the same determination and pace. Yet, they were unfortunate to concede in the first few minutes in the game. But with being 2-0 behind, the Toronto side took control of the game and started to mount constant pressure. Sousa came close to score and Allen had a few great chances to put the biscuit in the net. Their transitional movements were second to none, and their defence now moved to the line closer to the opposing gold. And that pressure paid off as Symons scored a goal from close range for 1-2. The Nationals ended the second period with a remarkable 11 shots on goal.

In the final period of the game, the Nationals were up for a battle. Their bluelinesmens were playing really well. And the forward players were a constant threat. Stevenson and Bullock dominated the middle of the ice. Indeed they were the better team and pushed to get something of this game. But the opposing goaltender Sign and the Rebels defended well. So the Nationals were not able to score. They lost the game, but they deserved something more than the narrow defeat.

On the offensive side of the game, the Nationals score an average of 2 goals per game.
And on the defensive side of the ices, the Nationals concede an average of 1 goal per game. 


Mississauga Rebels Review
The Rebels won their first game of the season in a convincing fashion. So they had the winning momentum in their camp before heading into this game. But it took them some time to take control of the puck. They opened the scoring through Cummings in the 9th minute of the game. Goaltender Sign played really well and made some notable saves. Also, Watson shots were saved. 

In the 2nd period of the game, the Rebels managed to take advantage of the opponent’s error and scored their 2nd goal in the 4th minute of the 2nd period. However, after that quick goal, the Rebels were forced to defend. Graham had some attempts for counter-attacks but was unsuccessful. The Rebels conceded a goal and were under even more pressure until the end of the period. However, they managed to maintain the 2-1 lead

In the 3rd period of the game, the Rebels looked ready for battle. But it seemed that they are more focused on defending the lead. They managed to prevail thanks to the in-form goaltender Sign. They did not play great hockey but showed determination and resilience to seal the win in the end. 

On the offensive side of the game, the Rebels score an average of 3 goals per game. As for their defensive record, the Rebels concede 1 goal per game. 

Final Thought
Both teams were up for a battle in this game. And both teams deserved to get something out of this game. However, it was the Rebels that had the edge and resilience in the end. 


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