GTHL Game Review – Mississauga Reps 5 : 1 Toronto Red Wings – AAA Bantam 05’

Mississauga Reps

13-Nov-2019 Wed 09:15 PM Westwood 2
The GTHL brought more action as the Mississauga Reps clashed with the Toronto Red Wings.
The Reps headed into this encounter after a 5-1 win in the game against the Titans. And on the other side, the Red Wings suffered a 4-1 in the game against the Senators.

Mississauga Reps Review
The Reps are a side that has a broad spectrum of talented players. And that group of young talents started this game in a dominant way. They showed aggressiveness, determination and resilience in the early part of the first period. However, they were not able to break the lines of the Red Wings until the 6th minute. It was Lalkin that took advantage and opened the score through a swift counter-attack. The Reps dominated the first part and physical forward Fabjan managed to make it 2-0 for the Reps in the 13th minute.
The Reps had 9 shots on goal in the first period of the game.

In the 2nd period of the game, the Reps continued with their domination. Williem Pangretitsch made it 3-0 in the 6th minute and Campbell scored the 4th goal in the 11th minute. Lalkin made it 5-0 a minute later.
Also, the defensive line of the Reps played a key role. Batrkhanov and Vettese were in commanding form at the blue line and brushed the offensive efforts of the Red Wings.

In the final period of the game,  Reps slowed down the pace of the game. They were leading 5-0 and were trying to bring the game to the end. They defended well for the most part of the final period. However, the Mississauga side conceded a goal in the 9th minute for a final result of 5-1.

Toronto Red Wings Review
The Red Wings defended well in the early minutes of the game. They even had a couple of decent chances through Davies and Kirk. However, punishment for not taking those chances in the 6th minute. They conceded the 2nd goal in the 13th minute of the game.
Also, their best player in the first period of the game was Chan. But he lacked support at the top line.

In the 2nd period of the game, the Red Wings were under constant pressure. They were not able to control the puck and their offensive players were often kronwalled. Their transitional movements were not at the needed level and their defending was not effective. Therefore, they conceded 3 goals in the 2nd period of the game.

In the final period of the game, the Red Wings stepped up and showed greater determination to get back into the game. They even managed to score a great goal through Chan in the 9th minute. But, they were not able to create more significant changes. Therefore, they lost the game 5-1.

Final Thoughts
The Reps did enough for a routine win. Their performances in the 2nd period of the game were top class. Also their defending in the final period showed their quality at the blue line. As for the Red Wings, they showed that they have potential and quality. That was there to be seen in the final period of the game. However, they faced an opponent that was in great form.

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