GTHL Game Review: North York Rangers 0:5 Vaughan Kings – AAA Bantam 05’


North York Rangers 0:5 Vaughan Kings – AAA Bantam 05’

The GTHL AAA Bantam was back on the schedule as North York Rangers faced Vaughan Kings. The Rangers were heading into this game after a 5:1 defeat in their last game against Markham Majors. And on the other side, the Kings scored a convincing 6-2 in the game against Mississauga Senators.

North York Rangers Review
The Rangers hoped to bounce back into this game after a disappointing defeat in the game against the Majors. However, they were facing a hard task as they were about to clash with the Kings, a team that has been playing well so far this season.

Unsurprisingly, North York was forced to defend from the start and the pressure on their goal was increasing constantly. At this point in the game, goaltender Gillespie was the man that made the difference for the Rangers. While the Kings were bombing with shots, the talented goaltender was making remarkable saves. Jacob Dipietrantonio also had some strong presence. The American blueliner made a few yard sale tackles. However, that effort did not make a significant change as their opponents were still charging to score the opener. But the Rangers prevailed thanks to goaltender Gillespie as the talented athlete was unbeatable. He ended the first period with 15 saves.

In the 2nd period, the Rangers tried to stabilize the game and to take more possession of the biscuit. Matthew Ionta had some good transition movements from the back and also was dangerous going forward. However, their early efforts were not rewarded as the Kings managed to score the opener. That did not discourage the Rangers and they started to cover more space and to win the power play. Furthermore, they were even able to mount some dangerous attacks.

Yet, their opponents managed to take advantage of the Rangers charging forward and scored the 2nd goal after a swift counter-attack.
North York was now 2 goals behind but still tried to get back into the game. They had some notable runs on the left side and controlled the puck better, but that did not threaten the Kings too much. Goaltender Gillespie was yet again their talisman at the back with 11 saves in the 2nd period.

The final period saw a continuation of the Rangers attempts to get back into the game. Gergo Mihalik had a few shots that threaten goaltender Cole Stevens. However, the Hungarian forward was not able to score. Michael Cesario was also notable in front of goal. On top of that, Phillipe Stroganov had a physical presence and made some strong tackles for the Rangers. Nevertheless, the Kings took control of the game once again and scored the 3rd and 4th goal to seal the win. The Rangers conceded a 5th goal and ended as the defeated side in this game.

On the offensive side of the game, the team has an average of 0.75 goals per game.

On the defensive side of the game, their record is 3.37 goals per game. The Rangers are still waiting for their first win of the season. A promising sign was their goaltender Gillespie with his 22 saves in the game.

Vaughan Kings Review
The Kings headed into this encounter after a commanding 6-2 win in the game against the Senators. Also, the Vaughan based side showed some good performances so far this season and they were the favourites going into this game. And they justified that role as they started to pressure the Rangers from the 1st minute of the game. Luciano Supino had some good runs and precise shots from the right side. Also, flamboyant forward Giacomo Martino opened up some great chances for scoring.

Defender Marco Colella dominated at the back and kept a steady control of the biscuit in the game. But they were not the only one as it looked like Anselmo Rego and Nathan Fehr will be having a good day upfront. Additionally, Jacob Strizzi and Jackson Mayo also came close to score in the first period. The Kings ended the 1st period with 15 shots but were unlucky to score due to the great form of goaltender Gillespie.

The 2nd period saw the Kings starting with a more cautious approach as their tactical anticipation was that that the Rangers will come out more aggressively. That proved to be the right decision as the team managed to capitalize on the Rangers attacking through counter-attacks. And in one of those situations, the Kings managed to score through Anselmo Rego. Therefore, the Kings continued with the same strategy but also started to mount more attacks and that paid off as Giacomo Martino scored the 2nd goal for the Kings. It was a clinical finish from a talented forward. Now, the Kings were in firm control. Luciano Supino and Stefan Forgione came close to score on a few occasions and Jackson Mayo was not able to convert from close range.

The final period was the most effective part of the game for the Kings as they dominated the game and had total control. Marco Collela had a commanding presence at the blue line and even looked like a top-class playmaker. His good play was rewarded as he scored the 3rd goal for the team. That goal had a galvanizing effect on the Vaughan based team that enabled them to score their 4th goal of the game through Luciano Supino. The Kings sealed the win with Stefan Forgione scoring the 5th goal of the game.

On the offensive side of the game, the team has an average of 3.1 goals per game. Also on the defensive side of the game, their record is 1.55 goals per game. The Kings are a good team and they showed their top class today. They ended the game with 32 shots on goal.
Final Thought
On a final note, we can conclude that this was an entertaining game. The Kings showed that they are a strong team and they were in control throughout the game. They deserved the win could have even scored more goals. On the other side, the Rangers showed glimpses of their quality. They also showed determination and goaltender Gillespie played well. The Rangers can build on that in the next games in the GTHL.


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