The 6ix Hockey Bauer Pro Hockey Spring Shootout 2006 AAA Winners 2020

The 6ix Hockey 2006 AAAteam showed some great performances during the past weekends as the young hockey side won the Bauer Pro Hockey Spring Shootout.

The Road to the Final
The 6ix Hockey 2006 AAA team started this tournament with a high level of determination and great character. Led by talented coaches Jody King, James Moore, and Gord Leenders, the 6ixHockey 2006 team managed to win 5-0 in their opening game of the tournament against the GT Kings Black.

It seems that their play on the blue line was solid. And the 6ix Hockey side did not concede a goal in the game.
Their defensive line included Brady Wassink, Ayden Thomason, Issac Bandoo, and Michael Salvador. And they played an integral part in the convincing win. Also, their offensive line was very effective as they scored 5 goals in that game.In the 2nd game of the tournament, the 6ix Hockey 2006 AAA once again was the dominant team. They won with a score of 10-3. Also, it is important to emphasize that their offensive firepower made the difference in this game.

Forwards Jack Gallo, Jake Peters, Owen King, and Tyler Moore Forward were efficient as the team scored double digits in this game.

In the 3rd game, the 6ixHockey team dominated once again. Moreover, they scored a solid 4-2 win which enabled them to progress to the semi-finals where they faced the Pro Hockey 2006 again. And once again, the 6ixHockey side was in commanding form as they won convincingly with a score of 11-2

Lastly, the 6ixHockey team managed to maintain their good form and to capitalize on their winning momentum. They faced the GT Kings White in the final. And White Kings had an opportunity for payback for the first defeat in the tournament. However, the 6ixHockey were in good form remained undefeated in this tournament. They won in the final with a score of 5-2 and lifted the trophy.

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