GTHL Game Review: Toronto Red Wings 2:11 Toronto Marlboros – AAA Bantam 05’

Toronto Marlboros

18-Oct-2019 Friday 07:45 PM Chesswood 1

The GTHL was back in action as the Toronto Red Wings clashed with their local rivals, the Toronto Marlboros.
The Red Wings headed into this game after a 3-0 defeat in the game against the Nationals. And on the other side, the Marlboros won 6-0 in their last G game against the Rangers.

Toronto Marlboros ReviewMarlboros
The Marlboros are a team that headed into this game as undefeated. Therefore, they had the winning momentum on their side. And they started the game strongly as they scored in the 1st minute of the game through the talismanic captain Barlow. Moreover, Chase Coughlan scored another goal and defenceman Zach Sandhu scored the 3rd goal. The Toronto side continued their riot as bluelinesman Stephen long shot resulted with a 4-0 lead. Also, the imposing forward Coughlan scored another goal in the last minute of the first period.

In the 2nd period of the game, the Marlboros continued with their domination. Barlow showed once again that he is one of the best players in the GTHL and scored an outstanding cheese goal to make it 6-0. Also, shortly after, defenceman scored a goal through a long-range shot to make it 7-0. Then, yeat again flamboyant forward scored another goal to make it 8-0. In the 2nd period of the game, the M’boros conceded a goal, but they were firmly in control.

In the final period of the game, the Marlboros continued playing well. Therefore, they scored three more goals and conceded one for a final result of 11-2.

Toronto Red Wings Review
The Red Wings looked like an improved team heading into this game. However, their start was not good enough as they conceded a goal in the 1st minute of the game. Also, they had to defend as their opponents took control of the game. Kirk looked solid and made some notable tackles.  Davies was also a notable presence in the middle of the ice. But this duo was not able to prevent their opponents from scoring 3 consecutive goals. Also, the Red Wings conceded a 5th goal in the last minute of the first period of the game.

In the 2nd period of the game, the Red Wings were still dominated and conceded a goal in the 6th minute of the period. Also, the team conceded two more goals in the 2nd period of the game. Therefore, this game looked like it is going to be a gong-show. The Red Wings responded with a goal in the 9th. But that was not enough.

In the third period of the game, the Red Wings played without pressure as they tried to get back into the game.
But they got caught on the counter-attack and conceded another goal. The Red Wings responded by scoring another goal. They ended the game with a result of 11-2.

Final Thought
All in all, the Marlboros showed their class once again. They played better and dominated the game. Therefore, they deserved to win the game. It is safe to say that the Marlboros are one of the best teams in the GTHL and they continued their undefeated run.

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