GTHL Game Review – Toronto Titans 2 : 3 Don Mills Flyers– AAA Bantam 05’

Don Mills Flyers

12-Nov-2019 Tue 08:50 PM Victoria Village
The GTHL was back on the schedule as the Toronto Titans clashed with the Don Mills Flyers. The Titans headed into this game after a 5-1 defeat in the game against the Reps. And on the other side, the Flyers played an exciting 3-3 draw in the game against the Rangers.


Toronto Titans Review
The Titans headed into this game as favourites. However, their start in this game was not as they expected. On the contrary, they conceded a goal in the 7th minute of the 1st period. The Titans managed to get back into the game and to solidify their blue line. But they were not able to create significant scoring chances.

In the 2nd period of the game, the Titans continued with their “recovery”. But that lasted only two minutes as they were caught and conceded the 2nd goal in the 3rd minute of the game. Yet, the Titans have some talented players in their team. And one of them is Robinson. The young athlete managed to score a great coast to coast goal for a 2-1 score at the break.

In the final period of the game, the Titans managed to equalize in the 3rd minute. That goal increased their self-confidence and they went for the win. The Toronto side had a couple of good chances through Terrance and Lazaris. However, they conceded a goal in the final minute of the game. Unfortunately for the Titans, that goal sealed their fate in this game. In the end, they were unlucky to lose 3-2.

Don Mills Flyers Review
The Flyers started this game with strong pressing and determination. That resulted in a great goal from a long-range in the 9th minute by defencemen Luca Marrelli. The Flyers showed signs of a team that has grown in recent weeks. Therefore, their defensive line dealt with the offensive line of the Titans.

In the 2nd period of the game, the Flyers scored another great goal from long range. This time it was defencemen Aidan Fraser that placed the biscuit in the top corner of the Titans’ net.
A confident team celly followed and it seemed that the Flyers are on the right tracks to win this game.
However, they dropped their concentration in the 7th minute and conceded a “coast to coast” goal. Their opponents were back in the game.

In the final period of the game, the Flyers conceded an early goal in the 3rd minute. That goal had a galvanizing effect on their opponents and the Flyers had to defend. But they showed that they are compact on the blue line. They were able to withstand the attacks and once again scored a great goal from long range with 50 seconds left on the board. And again, it was commanding defencemen Luca Marrelli that scored the goal. The Flyers defence line was the key for them in this game. They won 3-2.

Final Thoughts
Both teams went for the win and probably the Titans will feel unlucky not to get something from this game. However, the Flyers tactically outplayed their opponents. While the Titans were focused on the top line of their opponents, the Flyers were scoring through their defence. All in all, a great game for the neutral hockey fan.

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