GTHL Game Review: Vaughan Kings 4:4 Toronto Marlboros – AAA Bantam 05’


The GTHL AAA Bantam was back in action as Toronto Marlboros faced Vaughan Kings at the Scotiabank Pond 1. Both teams headed into this game as undefeated so far this season. The Marlboros beat the Markham Majors in their last game with a score of 4-2. And on the other side, the Kings won against Don Mills Flyers with a score of 4-2.

Vaughan Kings Review
The Kings headed into this game is a great form with 4 wins in their first 4 games in the new season. Moreover, they have been playing good but this game was a big test for them as they were about to face one of the best teams in the GTHL AAA Bantam this season. With the winning momentum high in their camp, the Kings started the game strong. Their opponents tried to counter that with aggression and pressure but their attempts were futile.

Defender Denver Gayer had good control of the biscuit and the team looked solid. Also, goaltender Mason Vaccari made a couple of key saves to keep the Kings in the game at the start of the 1st period. Giacomo Martino was very creative in the middle of the ice and that resulted in Stefan Forgione breaking the deadlock in the 3rd minute from close range.

The Kings did not stop here as they started to mount more and more pressure on goaltender Conztanzo. Two minutes later, Andrew Lanni and Marco Colella started a swift attack and flamboyant goalscorer Stefan Forgione put the Kings 2-0 up with a clinical close-range finish. Their opponents looked confused and surprised by the ruthless offensive game of the Kings. And the Vaughan based team managed to capitalize on that as Anselmo Rego scored the third goal for the Kings in the first period. However, their concentration dropped in the last two minutes and the Marlboros managed to pull one back through captain Angus MacDonell.

The 2nd period started with the Kings maintaining a steady control of the game. Moreover, their opponents were still struggling to find their balance after conceding three quick goals. Goaltender Mason Vaccari made some notable saves from long range but the puck remained contested. The Kings started to defend more as their opponents took control of the game.

That intensive pressure resulted in the Kings pressing forward and threatening the opposing goal. But that backfired as the Marlboros managed to score the 2nd goal in the 3rd minute of the 2nd period. At this point, the Kings dropped their pace to stabilize at the blue line. But Luciano Supino took the biscuit on a few occasions and made some dangerous and quick transitional movements.

Additionally, their defence was improving. Marco Colella and Andrew Lanni managed to slowly take control of the game mounting attacks from the blue line. Andrew Lanni took a few decent long-range shots that were saved by the Marlboros goaltender. The Kings managed to hold on to their lead before heading to the break.

The final period of the game saw both teams showing some signs of fatigue but their opponents were determined to take something out of this game. The Kings conceded in the 5th minute of the final period after a swift Marlboros counter-attack. At this point, the Vaughan based team were surprised and they conceded the 4th goal immediately after the 3rd. The Marlboros started to defend deep and it seemed like they will steal the win. However, the Kings are a quality team with great team character and Andrew Lanni was a prime example as he scored a long-range to draw this game and extend the Kings unbeaten run to 5 games.

On the offensive side of the game, the team has an average of 2.8 goals per game. On the defensive side of the game, their record is 1.4 goals per game. The Kings are a good team and their offensive side of the game was up to the task today. They ended the game with 17 shots on goal.

Toronto Marlboros ReviewMarlboros

The Marlboros also headed into this game undefeated in their first 4 games of the season. The Marlboros looked solid in the early power plays. However, they were not able to withstand the early pressure from the Kings and conceded early on in the first period. Goaltender Joey Costanzo had some notable saves. But he was not able to prevent the Marlboros conceding another goal from close range.

At this point, the Marlboros were defending with Francesco Dell’Elce and Zach Sandhu working tirelessly to hold the line. But that was not enough as the Kings scored the 3rd goal in the first period. At this point, the Marlboros started to move the puck better. And that enabled them to get back into the game with forward Chase Coughlan coming close on two occasions with close-range shots.

In the 2nd period of the game, the Marlboros maintained their pressure and they managed to score in the 2nd minute of the 2nd period through the versatile Angus MacDonell. The Marlboros were encouraged by their early goal and pushed for an equalizer. They started to play with a high tempo and started to win the battles in the middle of the ice. That period of domination resulted with Chase Coughlan scoring from a one-on-one position.

That goal had a galvanizing effect on the Toronto based team as they got themself into a position to chase a win in this game. Forward Ryan Nichols managed to put the Marlboros in front for the first time in this game. It was a complete turnaround for Toronto and the team was trying to hold off the lead. However, the Kings managed to score from a long-range short to draw this game.

On the offensive side of the game, the Marlboros score an average of 4.4 goals per game.
On the defensive side of the ice, Marlboros allow an average of 2.5 goals per game.
The Flyers ended the game with 22 shots on goal. They are a strong team and they remained undefeated after this game.

Final Thought
The game between Vaughan Kings and Toronto Marlboros was a game between the only two unbeaten teams in the GTHL so far. So the expectation was that there will be plenty of goals, tactics, fight, determination and excitement. And it that regard, both teams deserved 10 out of 10 for the entertainment that they provided in this game.




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