GTHL Game Review: Vaughan Kings 7:2 Toronto Young Nationals– AAA Bantam 05’



The GTHL was back in action as Vaughan Kings faced their rivals, Toronto Young Nationals. The Kings headed into this game after a solid win 7-3 in their last game against the Red Wings. And on the other side, the Nationals lost 6-3 in the game against the Jr. Canadiens.Vaughan Kings Review
The Kings have three wins in a row. Moreover, they have some players that are showing up their potential so far this season. And that is how they started this game too. Consistent defencemen Andrew Lanni once again had a commanding presence and kept the Nationals at bay. His good performances was rewarded as he opened the score with a long-range shot. A joyful celly followed and it looked that with will another good game from the Kings. The Kings were able to build on that and as they caused much trouble for goaltender Rivett with the 15years-old saved their two shots on goal in the first period.However, the Vaughan side managed to break the opponents’ resistance with two quick goals.
But what is important to pinpoint is the performance of flamboyant forward Giacomo Martino. His counter-attacks and transitional movements were second to none and the third goal came thanks to his solo effort. The Kings ended the first period 3-0 upfront with 7 shots on target. The 2nd period saw the Kings pressing even more. Their strategy was to prevent their opponents from consolidating after the shock in the 1st period. Jaden Sturge had some clear cut chances and a few long shot that was saved by Goaltender Rivett. However, the most exciting moment in this period came through Jacob Strizzi. The young forward managed to score from a dead angle, a move that left his teammates and opponents impressed.That goal had a galvanizing effect on the Kings and in the 3rd period of the game. The Vaughan side scored three goals and secured another commanding, dominant and entertaining win. Giacomo Martino also showed that he is one of the best players in the league. The all-round forward managed to score the first with a clinical finish from close range and a second with a long-range shot.On the offensive side of the game, the Kings scored an average of 3.9 goals per game.
And on the defensive side of the ice, the team is conceding an average of 1.9 goals per game. The Kings ended the game with 25 shots on goal. They are one of the best teams in the league. And there is more to come from them this season.

Toronto Young Nationals ReviewVaughan
The National headed into this game after a disappointing defeat in their GTHL game. But this is a team that can beat any side on their day.
The started the game with in-form goaltender Rivett making some early saves. Also, Bullock played well and had some notable Yard Sale tackles. Additionally, Allen was making some good movements and his control of the biscuit looked promising. However, they were not able to fend off the pressure from the Kings and conceded an early goal in the game. Additionally, they were not able to prevent the Kings from scoring two more goals in the first period. The Nationals were unlucky as they came close on a half a dozen occasions to score. MacKenzie played well and Ibbotson had some good moments in the 1st period of the game.

The 2nd period of the game saw a stable Nationals team. Stevenson was close but his shot was saved by imposing goaltender Vaccari. Hirsh was playing well too. But, their opponents managed to take advantage through an individual effort and the Nationals conceded the 4th goal in the game. Now, the Toronto based team had a mountain to climb. Nevertheless, they came out in the third period with much more resilience and determination. That newfound spirit enabled them to score two goals through Bullock and Hirsh. Yet, that was not enough as their opponents were ruthless upfront, scoring three goals in the final period of the game.

On the offensive side of the game, the Nationals score an average of 2.3 goals per game. As for their defensive record on the ice, Toronto is conceding an average of 3.1 goals per game. The Nationals have some talented players, but they faced a strong opponent in this game.

Final Thought
Another game and another win for the Kings. It seems that they are marching at the moment and their form is on another level. On the other side, the Nationals showed glimpses of their quality and scored two great goals. Unfortunately, they faced a team that is in great form at the moment.


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